Clinton $35 million and Obama $50 million, they are both the winners

Hillary Clinton raised $35 million during the month of February. Barack Obama is estimated to have raised over $50 million. The total take for the Democratic Party front-runners is close to $85 million. With these type of staggering numbers, neither candidate can be classed the “loser.” Indeed, what a dream team ticket this would become. It can no longer be ignored. The national ticket must be Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama. The voters are turning out in massive numbers that haven’t been seen in many decades. America has become serious about its politics and we owe it all to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and I believe in that order.

The real loser in this process is John McCain. He is the lone voice in the wilderness except that no one really cares what this lone voice has to say “my friend.” Read the rest of this entry »

The 2008 Presidential Dream team ticket – Obama/Clinton

If you would have asked me a year ago, I would have taken any bet that Barack Obama would be on the 2008 Democratic ticket, either as President or Vice-President.

I was right.

There was such a consensus, however, that Hillary Clinton was the prohibitive favorite to win the nomination.

How quickly events have change. The question being whispered here and there is will Barack Obama ask Hillary Clinton to join the ticket and that will she accept.

I now believe the answer to both questions is yes. I believe he will ask and that she will accept.

What an exciting prospect. Reading on Walden Bookstore.

James Carville speaks the truth, you just gotta love him

James Carville predicts that if Hillary Clinton does not win Texas or Ohio, she will not be the Democratic Party’s nominee.

(CNN) — He hinted at a similar sentiment earlier this week on CNN, but James Carville – a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s White House run — was decidedly more blunt Wednesday on the impact a loss in Texas or Ohio would have on her presidential bid.

“Make no mistake,” Bill Clinton’s former chief strategist told the Orlando Sentinel. “If she loses either Texas or Ohio, this thing is done.”

Just another ominous sign of the continuing erosion of the Clinton campaign. Reading on Walden Bookstore.

"Straight Talking McCain," well sometimes

John McCain, in a moment of political clarity, voted against the Bush tax cut for the rich. He was only one of two Republicans to do so. The other Republican to oppose the bill was Susan Collins from Maine. McCain said on the floor of the Senate during the debate of the conference bill to cut taxes for the rich:

“I cannot in good conscience support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us, at the expense of middle class Americans who most need tax relief.”

And now, this straight talking guy favors tax cuts for the rich. So now he “can in good conscience support a tax cut.” And I might add “at the expense of middle class Americans.” Is John McCain for the tax cuts before he voted against them. Or was he against the tax cuts before he voted for them. It is all very confusing. And as he said, “I cannot in good conscience.” And what about conscience now.


I’m quite sure the Democratic nominee, either Senator Barack Obama or Senator Hillary Clinton, will get to the bottom of this “policy confusion,” or what I would call “not so straight talk.” Reading on Walden Bookstore