Clinton $35 million and Obama $50 million, they are both the winners

Hillary Clinton raised $35 million during the month of February. Barack Obama is estimated to have raised over $50 million. The total take for the Democratic Party front-runners is close to $85 million. With these type of staggering numbers, neither candidate can be classed the “loser.” Indeed, what a dream team ticket this would become. It can no longer be ignored. The national ticket must be Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama. The voters are turning out in massive numbers that haven’t been seen in many decades. America has become serious about its politics and we owe it all to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and I believe in that order.

The real loser in this process is John McCain. He is the lone voice in the wilderness except that no one really cares what this lone voice has to say “my friend.” Read the rest of this entry »

The 2008 Presidential Dream team ticket – Obama/Clinton

If you would have asked me a year ago, I would have taken any bet that Barack Obama would be on the 2008 Democratic ticket, either as President or Vice-President.

I was right.

There was such a consensus, however, that Hillary Clinton was the prohibitive favorite to win the nomination.

How quickly events have change. The question being whispered here and there is will Barack Obama ask Hillary Clinton to join the ticket and that will she accept.

I now believe the answer to both questions is yes. I believe he will ask and that she will accept.

What an exciting prospect. Reading on Walden Bookstore.

America is "Coming Home" again this November

Two exciting events will happen this coming November. First, the end of the George W. Bush era, our national nightmare. On a more positive note, we will surely elect a candidate that is not George W. Bush. While I totally support Barack Obama, any of the contenders takes us away from this low period in our history. America has lost its way, electing a man that was unfit to be President. And we did it twice.

In a sense, America will be “Coming Home” as Senator George McGovern intoned in his 1972 Democratic acceptance speech. McGovern was one of my favorite all-time Democrats because he is truly a decent, caring man who loves this country. He spoke out against the Vietnam, but that didn’t mean he was weak or necessarily anti-war. He was anti-Vietnam. You see, George McGovern was a World War II hero.

I voted in my first election that year in Winona, Minnesota (attending Winona State College, later was changed to Winona State University). I was 18 then. The Nixon administration had actually gone to court to stop students from voting on campus, citing residency issues. Nixon lost that battle and that has been law ever since.

And I proudly voted for McGovern.

McGovern lost in a landslide to Richard M. Nixon, yet Senator McGovern maintained his dignity and integrity all these many years later.

So much of what he stood for, resonates today. He was painted by Nixon as this wimpy dove, yet the fact was he was quite a war hero (World War II) and never used his war record to his political advantage.

He should have.

In his acceptance speech in 1972, he called for America to “Come Home.” Today, America needs to “Come Home.” In this excerpt about Vietnam, we can apply it to this insane war in Iraq. We could be in Iraq a hundred more years, but we cannot ever win (as Bush defines victory). This excerpt is haunting against the background of the 2006 election where Americans “thought” the message was bring our soldiers home. Many voted for Nixon in 1968 because they “thought” he was bringing the troops home, yet another 20,000 American boys died. How many more must die, before America comes home.

“And this is also a time, not for death, but for life. In 1968 many Americans thought they were voting to bring our sons home from Vietnam in peace, and since then 20,000 of our sons have come home in coffins.” George McGovern, 1972 convention

And then these closing remarks that apply to us today as much as it applied then.

From secrecy and deception in high places; come home, America.

From military spending so wasteful that it weakens our nation; come home, America.

From the entrenchment of special privileges in tax favoritism; from the waste of idle lands to the joy of useful labor; from the prejudice based on race and sex; from the loneliness of the aging poor and the despair of the neglected sick — come home, America.

Come home to the affirmation that we have a dream. Come home to the conviction that we can move our country forward.

Come home to the belief that we can seek a newer world, and let us be joyful in that homecoming, for this “is your land, this land is my land — from California to New York island, from the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters — this land was made for you and me.”

So let us close on this note: May God grant each one of us the wisdom to cherish this good land and to meet the great challenge that beckons us home.

And now is the time to meet that challenge.

Good night, and Godspeed to you all.

George McGovern, 1972 convention

Come home again America. We should be home sometime in November. Reading on Walden Bookstore.

Bye Bye Limbaugh

If this story of Rush Limbaugh raising cash for Hillary Clinton is true, then the point of it is not save America from Barack Obama or even from John McCain. This is meant to save the sinking career of one person: Rush Limbaugh. The fact is Limbaugh has the conservative base. They don’t love. They don’t hate him. They are indifferent. Conservatives are tired of this rude, obnoxious person. I love discussing and debating politics with many of my friends, some of whom are conservative. And we still can come away with our friendship intact. Limbaugh doesn’t grasp this concept. But as Barack Obama often says, “We can disagree without being disagreeable.” Honorable people can have honorable disagreements without taking it to a down-in-the-gutter level.

So drive another nail into the Limbaugh coffin: don’t help him raise money for Hillary. Reading on Walden Bookstore

Even Newt likes Obama

I have not been worried before that Barack Obama would get the Democratic nomination. I have believed it from the beginning. The first time my wife and I met him in 2000, she said to me, “He’s going to be President of the United States.” Wow. “You read my mind,” I told her. I have believed this ever since that day in 2000, with few moments of doubt.

But now I am worried.

Newt Gingrich is now speaking highly of Barack Obama.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said today that last year he would have picked Sen. Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic presidential nomination, but now he’s not so sure, calling Sen. Barack Obama a “phenomenon” and comparing him to John F. Kennedy.

“I am surprised how she underperformed and how well Senator Obama is doing,” Gingrich said on “Good Morning America.” “I think Senator Obama is slowly and steadily pulling away. The difference in fundraising capability is getting wider. They had 16,000 people in Boise turn out for Senator Obama Saturday. That’s an unheard-of kind of turnout.”

“I think he’s becoming an unusual phenomena in American politics, almost harkening back to John F. Kennedy,” Gingrich continued. “I think he’s going to be very formidable for Clinton to stop.”

Newt, say it ain’t so. Don’t jinx my guy. This is same Newt Gingrich that put out a contract on America for the 1994 Congressional elections. As a Democratic, I say this with a lump in my throat: Newt was good. That election changed history and brought the Republicans back as a player on the national scene.

But in the late 1990’s, he negated all that success when he tried to overthrow a sitting President through the impeachment process. The House voted to impeach the President, but what Newt should have known, the Senate would not, could not convict. Unless there is an overriding reason, a political party will not turn on its own.

The happy ending is that the House Republicans suffered a resounding defeat in the 1998 mid-term elections, which was interrupted as a sign the American people vehemently opposed the impeachment of the President in the House and and the party bosses blamed Newt (whom they were never comfortable with anyway). Gingrichhas been trying to rehabiltate himself since that time by trying to appear to be a “statesman.”

And this same person is now saying nice things about Obama, comparing him to JFK. And I can’t disagree with what he’s saying. He is obviously trying to appeal to a Democratic audience. But why. Should I be worried or accept the compliment? Reading on Walden Bookstore.

Hillary and YearlyKos Happy Together Again

It was all a misunderstanding…

So we are told. And now Hillary Clinton will appear at a breakout session on Saturday at Yearly Kos, just like all the other Democratic candidates.

Whatever the inside story, it is fortunate that attendees attending this important conference this weekend at McCormick Place will have an opportunity to see the candidates together and in smaller breakout sessions as well.

The conference is sold-out and is nicely surviving the challenges of political life in modern America. (Its latest challenge has been the cancellation of Saturday appearances by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, due to Congressional business and Friday’s appearance by Arianna Huffington because of a broken ankle).

Nonetheless, for a conference only in its second year it is a major success (regardless of what Mr. O’Reilly implies).

Cheers for Dean and Boos for Hillary as YearlyKos Begins in Chicago

The sold-out Yearly Kos Convention opened in Chicago on Thursday with standing ovations for Howard Dean and boos for an announcement about Hillary Clinton. Senator Dick Durbin was originally scheduled to appear on stage to welcome attendees to Illinois, but he sent a video greeting instead, due to a previously unannounced trip to Iraq and Afghanistan. Howard Dean received a rousing welcome, with numerous standing ovations.

In his remarks, Dean spoke of a plan for learning about potential election procedure pitfalls all across the country in advance, so problem locations can be addressed and hopefully remedied prior to election day. He promised that the Democrats in Congress would call for numerous votes on Iraq, hoping to gain more vote each time, and noted that every Democrat running for President has promised to bring the war to an end.

On Saturday, all of the Democratic candidates seeking the Presidency will appear at a forum. But it was announced Thursday night that only Hillary Clinton would NOT appear at a follow-up meeting with attendees. The announcement that her assistant would appear for her prompted loud boos from the audience–and in the hallway were heard murmurs of displeasure about her decision and a sense of being snubbed that could grow louder as the conference continues.