Clinton $35 million and Obama $50 million, they are both the winners

Hillary Clinton raised $35 million during the month of February. Barack Obama is estimated to have raised over $50 million. The total take for the Democratic Party front-runners is close to $85 million. With these type of staggering numbers, neither candidate can be classed the “loser.” Indeed, what a dream team ticket this would become. It can no longer be ignored. The national ticket must be Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama. The voters are turning out in massive numbers that haven’t been seen in many decades. America has become serious about its politics and we owe it all to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and I believe in that order.

The real loser in this process is John McCain. He is the lone voice in the wilderness except that no one really cares what this lone voice has to say “my friend.”

More Iraq, fifty or a hundred years. Whatever, my friend.

Don’t really know much about the economy. No tax cut. Yes tax cuts. Whatever, my friend.

Immigration. Build a wall. Don’t build a wall. Let em stay. Round em up. Whatever, my friend.

Ethanol. I’m all for it I think. Whatever, my friend.

The only problem is that the general election isn’t being held today for if that was the case Obama or Clinton would defeat McCain in a landslide. Eight months is an eternity in politics and so much could change. Reading on Walden Bookstore.

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