John McCain clumsy attempt to defend Iraq War position

John McCain skewered Barack Obama over Iraq in a pre-election skirmish, in another clumsy attempt to defend his Iraq War vote,

McCain, 71, on Wednesday issued a toughly worded statement accusing Obama of replacing his signature appeal for “the audacity of hope” with “the timidity of despair” when it comes to Iraq.

McCain has steadfastly defended the Bush Administration war agenda. The “Straight Talker” has been fairly consistent on his pro-Iraq War position, although he has occasionally critisized Bush’s handling of the Iraq War. But now he has criticized Obama’s recent statements about the Iraq War situation.

“Is Senator Obama unaware that Al-Qaeda is still present in Iraq, that our forces are successfully fighting them every day, and that his Iraq policy of withdrawal would embolden Al-Qaeda and weaken our security?” McCain said.

To which Obama hit forcefully back that Al-Qaeda didn’t exist before the McCain Iraq War vote.

Obama, who is also under attack from Clinton as a foreign policy novice, hit back by arguing there was no Al-Qaeda threat in Iraq before the US-led invasion nearly five years ago.

But McCain’s problem don’t end with the Iraq War. He has been taken on as a not so “straight talking” candidate as evidenced by his flip-flops on major positions such as the Bush tax cuts. The issue came up during the Florida Republican primary when Mitt Romney blasted McCain’s flip-flopping positions on tax cuts, immigration and ethanol.

Romney shot back that McCain was “against the Bush tax cuts” but “now he’s for making them permanent.” And “he was for McCain-Kennedy” immigration reform, Romney continued. “Now he’s for a new program on immigration. He’s changed his view on issue after issue. He was against ethanol, then for it, then against it again.”

I’d suggest that before McCain the flip-flopper criticizes other candidates statements, he get his own house in order. He needs to make up his mind on which position he’s taking this time. Reading on Walden Bookstore.

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