McCain says Obama is "eloquent but empty call for change"

John McCain calls Barack Obama’s call for change an “eloquent but empty call for change.”

What does John McCain envision for this nation? If not change, then more of the same. I am glad he is “straight talking” us again. As Barack Obama has said on several occasions, “Somewhere along the line the Straight Talk Express lost some wheels,” Mr. Obama said, referring to one of Mr. McCain’s political slogans.

So for all those that are supporting John McCain, let me lend a chant. Can even fit on a bumper sticker. Ready. Time to chant. “No change. More Bush.”

“No change. More Bush.”

Don’t you just love these politicians with strong beliefs and great vision. One hundred more years of Iraq. Don’t really understand the economy, so more of the same. Keep the taxes low for the rich.

Oh yeah. “No change. More Bush.” Talk about empty. Reading on Walden Bookstore.


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