When You’re Hot, You’re Hot

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Barack Obama defeated former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter in an election. The election wasn’t for the Presidency, though, it was for a Grammy.

Obama won his Grammy for his audio version of his book “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream.” The award was Obama’s second Grammy, the first being for his highly acclaimed and bestselling memoir, “Dreams from My Father.”

Bill Clinton had been nominated for his “Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World,” his best-selling guide to how individuals can contribute to worthy causes, while Carter, the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize winner, was nominated for his “Sunday Mornings in Plains: Bringing Peace to a Changing World.”

Other nominees included Maya Angelou for “Celebrations” and actor Alan Alda for “Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself.”

The award came as Obama beat Hillary Clinton in three Democratic nominating contests Saturday, putting him more or less even with Clinton in the increasingly tight battle for the Democratic party nomination.


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