Bye Bye Limbaugh

If this story of Rush Limbaugh raising cash for Hillary Clinton is true, then the point of it is not save America from Barack Obama or even from John McCain. This is meant to save the sinking career of one person: Rush Limbaugh. The fact is Limbaugh has the conservative base. They don’t love. They don’t hate him. They are indifferent. Conservatives are tired of this rude, obnoxious person. I love discussing and debating politics with many of my friends, some of whom are conservative. And we still can come away with our friendship intact. Limbaugh doesn’t grasp this concept. But as Barack Obama often says, “We can disagree without being disagreeable.” Honorable people can have honorable disagreements without taking it to a down-in-the-gutter level.

So drive another nail into the Limbaugh coffin: don’t help him raise money for Hillary. Reading on Walden Bookstore


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