Mark Pera ran a great campaign but vote total comes up short

Mark Pera finished a strong second in his race to unseat 3rd District Congressman Daniel Lipinski. The Southtownstar’s Kristen McQueary reported:

In the 3rd Congressional District, Palos Hills Mayor Jerry Bennett barely dented the Lipinski campaign apparatus. Bennett, who was fourth on the ballot, was taking fourth place with most of the vote counted.

Lipinski creamed his opponents in the city portion of the district and beat his next competitor almost two-to-one in the suburbs. That showing puts to rest any future whining – from yours truly included – about how the younger Lipinski got into office and the role his father plays in his congressional career. Once again, voters showed they are willing to overlook those issues.

Mark Pera, the second runner-up in the 3rd Congressional District, took about 20 percent of the vote in the city portion of the district and about 30 percent in the suburbs, but Lipinski pulled ahead hard and early. Pera’s supporters from liberal-leaning blogs and online groups are stuck with Lipinski for at least two more years.

While the totals show nearly half of voters in the 3rd District voted for someone other than Lipinski, the four-way race split the opposition and carried him to a third term.

The following results were reported by the Cook County Clerk’s Office with 94.16 percent of the precincts reporting:

Mark N. Pera received 16,708 votes (29.73%), Jim Capparelli received 5,335 votes (9.49%), Daniel Lipinski received 28,494 votes (50.70%) and Jerry Bennett received 5,661 votes(10.07%).

John Presta.


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