Sticks and Stones thrown by Lipinski – consider the source

The Lipinski campaign is running scared. The word I am hearing is that Lipinski is in constant contact with the various ward organizations. Why else would they encourage the release of the document on the right. To read the entire text of this document, check out our friend kos at the The document accuses Mark Pera of being “supported by left-wing extremist political groups.” Well if being part of a left-wing extremist group means that I want out of Iraq, health care for all (not just Congressman), support stem cell research and oppose drilling our natural resources for oil in Alasksa’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, then I am proud to be called an extremist. Then I ask the author, why aren’t you a left-wing extremist.

Electing Mark Pera would do a number of things. It would take the wind out of the sails of all those party bosses that voted to approve Bill Lipinski unethical and undemocratic maneuver to assure that his son succeeded him as Congressman from the 3rd District of Illinois. The anointing, it was called. be sure to vote Mark Pera. And call a friend. John Presta.


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