Race for Cook County State’s Attorney Undecided

As Rich Miller aptly points out on his blog, the race for Cook County State’s Attorney is up for grabs. I do not find this hard to believe since I have received numerous emails and telephone calls from friends and family asking “Who looks good in the Cook County State’s Attorney race?”

And my answer is Larry Suffredin.

As I wrote on January 22nd that for Cook County State’s Attorney, support Larry Suffredin. He is the real deal. Sometimes you meet a person that is a perfect fit for a job. I felt that way about Senator Barack Obama. I thought, “He’s going to be President of the United States.” When I met Debra Shore it was clear she was perfect fit for MWRD and is proving us correct everyday she serves there. Alexi Giannoulias is a perfect fit as Illinois State Treasurer as he would be a perfect fit as Governor of Illinois.

And then there is Larry Suffredin. If any one was born to be Cook County State’s Attorney, with his great legal mind and background, his sense of fairness and his great intellect, it is Larry Suffredin. The crowded field and all the heavyweight endorsements, he will win this race and distinguish himself in this job, a perfect fit. The only downside to a Suffredin victory is that the Cook County Board will lose a fine member. John Presta.


One Response to “Race for Cook County State’s Attorney Undecided”

  1. Fargo Says:

    I’m a rather baffled by your endorsement of Suffredin. From my previous experience in the 49th ward, he came across as another pay-to-play business-as-usual political player.

    My vote goes to Anita Alvarez, who has real experience in the job and has a fine track record to show for it.

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