MWRD Board Endorsements from the Chicago Sun-Times

This in today’s Sun Times. They have endorsed Matthew Podgorski, Kathleen Meany and Mariyana Spyropoulous for MWRD Board Commissioners. Congratulations and good luck to these three worthy candidates. John Presta.

Water Reclamation District

The race for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District board, which plays a crucial role in protecting our drinking water and safely managing the treatment and disposal of our wastewater, has become as clear as a glass of H20.

The region is still reeling from petroleum giant BP’s nervy attempt last year to dump more pollution from its Whiting, Ind., plant into Lake Michigan, the source of our drinking water. We advocated a BP boycott on these pages.

This extreme yet necessary action underscored the need for the nine-member board to stay engaged in the scientific esoterica necessary to safeguard our water supply, protect against floods and pursue green technologies. Board members earn $50,000 to $80,000 a year to attend 24 regular meetings, not including study groups. Voters will elect three new commissioners, who should give taxpayers a return on their investment.

We’re encouraged by the energy and grit of Democratic candidate Matthew Podgorski of Park Ridge. Podgorski, a continuous improvement manager at Kraft Foods and Northeastern Illinois University professor, led a BP boycott and march. A willing vessel with no apparent political debts to pay, he would be a refreshing addition.

Kathleen Therese Meany, a commissioner since 1990, has gained the confidence of her colleagues by being selected as vice president. Meany, a Democrat, takes credit for launching the district’s illegal sewer dumping hotline and supporting the adoption of a “green” purchasing policy.

Democrats Mariyana Spyropoulous and Dean Maragos, both attorneys, are fresh voices who possess the ability to engage in creative, futuristic thinking. But we’re tipping our hat to Spyropoulous, who is endorsed by an impressive array of progressive politicians, including Democratic U.S. Representatives Jan Schakowsky and Danny Davis.


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