Mark Pera’s needs your help: Donate, Volunteer and Vote

Mark Pera has raised $292,242 from 4740 contributors thus far on the Act Blue network. The goal is 5000 donors. They have a great volunteer effort in this campaign and will take the party by surprise. But they need more help. Take back control of your party.

Our party may have re-taken Congress, but our work is by no means done – in fact, this is just the beginning. Now, we need to support and strengthen our caucus. This page will feature candidates selected by DailyKos, OpenLeft, and the Swing State Project whose presence in Congress will make our party stronger.

John Presta.

Editor’s Note: Would you like to be a guest blogger on this fast-growing blog. Looking for authors, book reviewers, movie reviewers, knowledgeable people of the Beverly Hills/Morgan Park community specifically, the Chicago area generally, left-leaning political folks (well-formed ideas also considered).

We are also in the planning stages of several new blogs, specifically a gardening blog that will tie into the BHMP Garden Walk, possibly a fitness/health blog and several other areas.

Interested. Send me an email at just by clicking send me an email. Looking forward to hearing from you. John Presta.


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