It’s the Republicans, Stupid, Volume 1

After Barack Obama’s great victory in South Carolina, it is time to focus on the real enemy in this campaign: The Republicans.

It’s the Republicans, Stupid, Volume 1.

The message should now be hung on all Obama headquarter doors and other open spaces, “It’s the Republicans, stupid.” It is now time for Obama, going into Super Tuesday, to show that he can and will defeat John McCain. It is now time to start defining and branding John McCain. Exposing him for what he is. A real Republican. He said yesterday that he doesn’t like labels, but now that you mention it, he likes to be called a “conservative Republican” in the Ronald Reagan tradition. Now we are getting somewhere. The beauty of it is you don’t even have to change, twist or mutilate his words because he’s a straight shooter. A Republican. A straight talking Republican. In the finest tradition of being a Republican.

John McCain will be a worthy opponent, but I say that Obama can defeat McCain on the issues. Obama can defeat McCain on being a “conservative Republican.” It is time to challenge just what he is straight talking about. For example:

Iraq War: McCain defends the “Bush Doctrine” and has said he will stay there for a hundred years. He gets votes from anti-war independents and when they catch on that he wants to stay there for a hundred years, they will support Obama in droves.

Social Security: McCain favors the Bush privatization plan.

War on Terror:
If you are tied up for a hundred years in Iraq (see the Iraq War position), you can’t effectively fight this war. Pick a battle. Can’t win on two fronts.

Taxes: Likes tax breaks for the rich.

Economy: Likes tax breaks for the rich.

More straight talking to come.

John Presta.


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