From the Chicago Reader’s great blog, "Clout City" about our friend Will Burns

The prospects of Will Burns getting the Democratic nomination in the 26th District of Illinois are improving daily. I am glad to see that the Mayor Daley making a habit of endorsing candidates. He went through a phase where he basically refused to endorse any one. John Presta.

by Mick Dumke on January 16th 2008 – 5:23 p.m.

Now the mayor’s tapped another candidate. Earlier today Will Burns, a candidate for state rep in the 26th district, announced that he’d won Daley’s endorsement. Burns, a former aide to state senate president Emil Jones, said he sat down with the mayor in December to tell him about his goals of working on gun control, education funding reform, and health care coverage, and Daley agreed to back him. (A call to the mayor’s press office wasn’t returned.)

Burns — who’s running against incumbent Elga Jeffries and challengers Kenny Johnson, Phillip Jackson, and Paul Chadha — once worked in Obama’s state senate office. Like the presidential candidate, he’s promising to bring fresh energy to the political process.

That message is arguably an awkward fit with an endorsement from the face of the Democratic machine. Of course, Obama’s trying to pull off the same thing. And when Burns was asked about it, he alluded to his ally Toni Preckwinkle, alderman of the Fourth Ward: “I also have the leader of the progressive caucus in the council backing me. I think that points to the fact that I’m able to build a big tent.” Only people able to build coalitions and collaborations can get anything done, Burns argued.

He added: “This campaign is about change.”


One Response to “From the Chicago Reader’s great blog, "Clout City" about our friend Will Burns”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The “fresh energy” message IS “an awkward fit with an endorsement from the face of the Democratic machine” (i.e., Mayor Daley). For example, Will Burns was a top aide to Emil Jones, and see how Jones utilizes his political power:
    I admit my bias up front — and personally, I am sick of Chicago politicians running to represent me for all the wrong reasons. Here’s someone who is running for all the right reasons — Paul Chadha. Check out Paul’s website at

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