Carol Marin: "Lipinski inherits ethical questions"

A few more reasons Mark Pera should be elected to Congress over Dan Lipinski. It is time that the Democratic party regulars stop the arrogance and the manipulation of the process. What Bill Lipinski did was despicable. Electing Mark Pera to the 3rd Congressional District will send a strong message to the Madigans and the Hynes, just like many of us did in electing Barack Obama to the United States Senate and Alexi Giannoulias to Illinois State Treasurer.

We ask the Madigans and the Hynes to open up the process and start putting up the “best” people. And stop this rewarding system of “politics as usual.” To paraphrase JFK said in his inaugural speech, “Pass the torch to a new generation.” But not immediate family please, unless they are “qualified.” John Presta.

By CAROL MARIN, Chicago Sun Times – January 16, 2008

Dan Lipinski loves his father, Bill Lipinski, and said so forcefully Tuesday at a meeting of the Sun-Times editorial board. But the question at hand is whether the family patriarch is both blessing and curse.

The congressman son succeeded his congressman father back in 2004. Now Dan, not Bill, speaks for the 3rd Congressional District, which includes Chicago’s Southwest Side, Midway Airport and the suburbs of Berwyn, Oak Lawn, Western Springs and Palos Hills.

What’s love got to do with it?

A lot.

Because not only did Bill Lipinski, a smart, wily tactician, keep his seat in Congress for 22 years, he made sure he kept it even after he left it.

Let’s remember. It was 3½ years ago that Bill ran and won in the spring primary, and only that summer when he felt the sudden urge to retire. Ward committeemen friends, familiar dynastic names like Daley, Hynes and Madigan, quickly marshaled the best man for the job.


2 Responses to “Carol Marin: "Lipinski inherits ethical questions"”

  1. nomorenepotism Says:

    Lipinski is such a drag on the entire Democratic party. Anti-choice, anti-gay, pro-Bush, pro-war, and an arrogant crook on top of it all.

    This humorous video tells it all.

    Everyone needs to combat the Lipinski PAC money machine by supporting Mark Pera.

  2. ohiostreetjoe Says:

    I sent $100.00 to Mark Pera. I want Dan Lipinski out of office. I don’t know what his chances are, but I told my precinct worker that I just won’t be voting for Lipinski. He looked rather angry when I told him. I think the machine is coming out for Lipinski. What a shame.

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