Obama Union Support in Las Vegas Causes Clinton to be Reckless: Show of Poor Judgment

Hillary Clinton’s campaign attacked Senator Barack Obama because, they claim, his record in the Illinois Senate shows he opposed gambling.


First, that is an oversimplification of the Obama record and an oversimplification of the Illinois legislatures history of casino gambling. One can oppose gambling and still stand up for workers. I don’t know what the Obama record is when it comes to gambling and it matters not. What issue are we arguing anyway. I hope Senator Obama confronts Clinton on this issue during the next forum. She needs to take responsibility for the statements of her campaign.

Let me tell you what matters. Senator Barack Obama stands up for workers: always. He does not judge what they do. The fact that Senator Clinton’s campaign is bringing this subject, obviously means something.

As I wrote earlier, the Clinton campaign should read “The Fox and the Grapes” a little closer. Ah, the union’s support was “sour” anyway. Stop it Senator Clinton. Just stop it. John Presta.

“It seems a little hypocritical,” said Jan Jones, a Clinton supporter who is a former Las Vegas mayor and is now a senior vice president for casino giant Harrah’s Entertainment. “It certainly makes me question the endorsement. You’re endorsing a candidate who speaks ill of their industry. I think that’s something the employees would want to know.”

But an Obama spokeswoman said the Clinton campaign was “again distorting Barack Obama’s record. “

“Obama has said that Nevada is a model for how states should regulate the gaming industry and he applauds the success of the state in harnessing gaming as an engine of economic growth while cracking down on illegal activities,” said spokeswoman Jen Psaki.


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