Christopher Hitchens just "doesn’t get it"

Whoever said people support Obama because of “shade” as Christopher Hitchens wrote in today’s Sun Times. I usually find his writing rather insightful. I usually find his writing has great depth. But here he is both blind and shallow.

Come on Chris.

He makes statements like:

If you wanted a “black” president or vice president so much, you could long ago have turned out en masse for Angela Davis — also the first woman to be on a national ticket — or for Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. So, why didn’t you? Could it have been the politics?

Well Chris, Angela Davis, Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton were “not qualified” to be President. Who says? The people that didn’t vote for them.

Barack Obama is a great candidate for President of the United States because of his unique qualifications: judgment, integrity, temperament, grace under fire, experience, education, background. Notice I didn’t list race or gender. He is “highly qualified.” Period. End of sentence.

I wouldn’t vote for John Edwards, Dick Gephardt, Jerry Brown, Paul Tsongas and countless others, although I would list them as “qualified” and not “highly qualified.” Oh, and George W. Bush. Sometimes an “unqualified” candidate gets through. John Presta.


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