Karl Rove Talks About Iowa and New Hampshire – Offers Democrats a Trojan Horse

Karl Rove is offering Democratic voters a “Trojan Horse.” Beware of Republicans offering advise. Rove says in an interview that Obama needs to “close the argument.”

Message to Mr. Karl Rove: Just watch how this talented junior Senator from Illinois will indeed “close the argument.” He will close by first arguing that he is the candidate for “change.” He has the judgment, temperament, integrity, poise, shows grace under fire, and he has the E-X-P-E-R-I-E-N-C-E to be a great President. The Barack Obama I know, doesn’t want to “be somebody,” he wants to “do something.” And you know what, Karl Rove knows that Barack Obama is the only “electable” Democratic candidate in the field. And that Ladies and Gentlemen of the American Voting Electorate, is the “closing argument.”Why Barack Obama should be elected the 44th President of the United States. John Presta.

Karl Rove is clearly not one of my favorite people. I suppose much of it is that I know that without Karl Rove, President Bush would be citizen Bush. He is a brilliant political strategist. Terrence P. Jeffrey of CNSNews.com recently interviewed Rove and some of the comments I found to be quite interesting: and on target.

(CNSNews.com) – Karl Rove told Cybercast News Service in an interview Wednesday that Sen. Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire campaign was helped when she responded in a smiling, self-deprecating manner when asked during Saturday night’s televised debate why some voters had an issue with her “likeability” and that her rival Sen. Barack Obama only enhanced the positive impact for Clinton when he responded like “a smarmy, prissy little guy taking a slap at her.” (Listen here)

Rove goes onto to say that Obama’s response made it worse for Obama and better for Clinton.

“Barack Obama, who was having a mediocre night in my opinion, rather than keeping his mouth shut proceeded to say, ‘They like you well enough.’

Hmmm. Rove is obviously trying to make the case for Hillary Clinton because he knows that she is beatable. And he also said he is sitting out the campaign. Oh yeah, well just watch if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination when Rove stands up. He is almost “giddy” about facing Hillary. John Presta.


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