Obama’s New Hampshire Far Exceeds Expecatations

Senator Barack Obama’s quest for the White House moves “full steam” ahead, unfettered by not finishing first in New Hampshire. I, like Mayor Daley, was concerned about over-confidence in the Obama camapign, so getting knocked back a bit is definitely a positive. They will not be over-confident again and take nothing for granted.

In a strategy memo, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe wrote:

“Coming off an impressive win in Iowa and taking the once inevitable frontrunner down to the wire in her firewall state, it is clear Obama is well-positioned to become the next president of the United States,” writes campaign manager David Plouffe in a strategy memo released this morning.

And today several unions endorsed Obama:

In Nevada, Obama will get a major boost later today when the Culinary Workers Union backs his candidacy. The Culinary union, which represents more than 60,000 men and women who work in the Las Vegas casinos, is a tremendously powerful force in state and local politics and almost assuredly will help Obama’s ground game in the state. Obama has also won the endorsement of the Nevada Service Employees International Union — another boon to his turnout efforts.

This was the same union that had a huge impact on the 2004 United States Senate race, which I will be writing about extensively in my book. The SEIU are experts at organizing and galvanizing support. John Presta.


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