Predictions for the Iowa Caucus: Obama, McCain the big winners, Clinton the clear loser

I predict Barack Obama will be the clear winner tonight, throwing into serious question Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House, as I have been predicting all along. Too many voters just plain do not like her. Clinton will clean house after this devastating defeat. In retrospect, the correct strategy for the Clintons would have been the original plan, to completely skip Iowa. Now Obama was able to draw them into battle, one-on-one: a clear strength of Obama.

Romney will fight back the Huckabee challenge, due to the bone-headed mistakes of the campaign. Were it not for the Huckabee missteps, he would be marching into New Hampshire with an Iowa victory.

The big surprise of the evening will be the resurgence of Senator John McCain. He will be thrust back into the national spotlight. With momentum going into New Hampshire and South Carolina. Doesn’t mean he’ll win it. That is up to McCain. John Presta.


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