Do Not Underestimate Barack Obama

John Fout of, their Political Correspondent, wrote a column recently titled, “Top Five Reasons Obama Fails to Inspire.” I wrote about it point by point (see below), but what struck me the most is how Obama is being underestimated once again. (He was grossly underestimated in the 2004 Democratic primary for United States Senate). Bobby Rush clearly underestimated him in 2000 for Congress, although Obama lost that election, in many areas Obama received 90% of the vote, especially in the areas he campaigned heavily. (And Bobby Rush quickly took that particular area out of his Congressional District during the the 2000 remap process). Had Obama not done well in those areas, I don’t believe he would have run for United States Senate.

We already knew he was strong with the black vote, but we didn’t know how he rated with white progressives. And he is particularly strong among women, a group that Hillary assumes she will dominate.

Seems that saying that Obama is taking the black vote for granted or will not get the majority of the black vote is pure nonsense. In 2004, a candidate by the name of Blair Hull, a wealthy businessman, but a political novice with zero political instincts actually thought he could get a a big chunk of the black vote: by buying them. He would plant yard signs along the Dan Ryan Expressway. Months before the election. He would visit black ministers and donate to them. The ministers gladly took the money, but in the final analysis supported Obama. I recall talking to someone back then who said, “What a nice man that Hull guy is and he gave our group a thousand dollars. I’m going to vote for that nice man.” He would pay store owners of black-owned businesses and pay them to put his sign in their window. Unfortunately, he never gave them a time limit on how long to keep the signs in the window. They would quickly (sometimes within days) take the signs down and replace them with “Obama for Senate” signs.

Shows that Obama is a formidable campaigner. Rebuts John Fout of, on his statement:

2. Obama Has Not Won a Tough Contest. Of course he has.

Another example in 2004, 8th Ward Committeeman John Stroger (and Chicago political powerhouse), ordered his precinct captains to support Dan Hynes for Senate in 2004. Stroger’s precinct captains revolted against Stroger. He had to back off with his ultimatum to support Hynes or risk losing control in his own ward. He had little choice.

Obama does not take the black vote for granted and he will get the great majority of the black vote. He will do very, very well in South Carolina.

Blacks will not vote for anyone else but Obama. Not Hillary, Not Edwards. Not nobody but Obama. You can take that to the bank. John Presta.


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