Rebuttal to John Fout of about our friend Obama

John Fout of, their Political Correspondent, wrote a column today titled, “Top Five Reasons Obama Fails to Inspire.”

This is titled “Five Reasons John Fout’s Column Fails to Inspire Anyone to Turn Against Obama.”

1. The Politics of Hope.
Hope is not owned by Republicans (or Democrats for that matter). He says that Republicans will eat Obama alive. Well, Obama will be doing the eating.

2. Obama Has Not Won a Tough Contest.
Obama won the most unbelievably tough contest in 2004 against an established organizational politician, an opponent who poured tens of millions of his own money in the campaign, a revered President of the Chicago Board of Education who turned the Chicago Public School System around and three other candidates (including a plant to take away black votes from Obama). In the final analysis, Obama got more than 50% of the vote in a crowded field. It was widely predicted he would finish sixth in this field, but ended up winning a tough contest. I know. I was there from the very beginning of the campaign.

3. Failure to Lead on the Iraq War.
Gave a blistering speech against even getting into the war for all the reasons that are generally accepted today. And this was in the fall of 2002 before the Iraq War even started. He led on the Iraq War.

4. Conservative Talking Points.
Fout claims that Obama has embraced several conservative talking points on two big topics: health care and Social Security. He is for Universal Health Care and is for securing Social Security into the future by raising taxes on the wealthy to help pay for it. Hmmm. Conservatives are coming around to the progressive way of thinking, according to Fout. Even Wal Mart and many large corporations are seeing the light on Universal Health Care.

5. Obama Takes Black Voters for Granted.
Yeah, that’s what they said in the 2004 United States Senate race. And Obama ended up getting 95% of the black vote. Despite having a black plant in the race and despite a wealthy candidate who was white, who campaigned heavily in the black community. Blacks will not vote for anyone else but Obama. You can take that to the bank.

John Presta


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