Obama fires back at Bill Clinton: Obama has the right kind of experience

Obama no pushover, rebuts former President Clinton. Read all about it.

Democratic contender counter-punches ex-president on experience issue. Obama correctly points out he has the “right kind of experience” to be President, similar to remarks Bill Clinton made in 1992.

Clinton asks the question. “When is the last time we elected a president based on one year of service in the Senate before he started running?” the ex-president asked, in an interview with PBS talk show host Charlie Rose which aired Friday night. Abraham Lincoln for starters, comes to mind.

Greatness isn’t achieved by resumes. It is about about judgment, temperament, coolness under fire, the right experience, empathy for people. And yes, experience. The types of experiences that Obama has. “The right kind of experience.” Experience Obama. The Obama experience. John Presta.

Dec. 15, 2007

By Tom Curry
National affairs writer

WATERLOO, Iowa – Former president Bill Clinton leveled a new attack on Sen. Barack Obama on Friday, arguing that he lacked the experience needed to be president, a criticism that drew a tart response from Obama on Saturday as he campaigned in Waterloo, Iowa.

In response Obama told a press conference Saturday that Clinton himself had said in 1992 when he ran for president that a candidate can “have the right kind of experience or the wrong kind of experience.”

Obama cites ‘over a decade’ of experience
“And I’ve been involved in government for over a decade,” replied Obama.

The Illinois senator said he had “the experience that the country needs right now, of bringing people together, pushing against the special interests, of speaking to the American people about what needs to be done to move the country forward.”

When asked about Sen. Clinton’s reference to possible “surprises” coming out about her rivals for the nomination, Obama said, referring to the senator and the ex-president, “The argument they’re making is that they’ve been around a long time. So whatever negative information is out there, people already know about. The assumption, then, is that lurking in other candidates’ pasts that haven’t been around for 20 years there might be something.”

But Obama said “I’ve probably been more reported on than any political figure in the country over the last year … I hardly think that I’ve been under-exposed during the course of this race.”

He added, “I understand there’s a history of politics being all about slash and burn…. I recall what the Clintons themselves called the ‘politics of personal destruction’ — which they decried. My suspicion is that that’s just not where the country is at right now. They are not interested in politics as a blood sport; they’re interested in governance and solving problems” such as job creation and product safety.


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