Today’s Observations – December 7, 2007

The unraveling of Hillary Clinton continues. She lacks the temperament and demeanor to be President, and of course, lacks the judgment necessary. Such as the Iraq War.

And Obama possess all those qualities and more.

I continue to be surprised at the elementary mistakes being made by the Clinton campaign and the continuing strength being showed by the Obama campaign and by Obama himself. I tell you, he has what it takes and this campaign continues to demonstrate this fact. He has great “judgment” and he has presidential “temperament.” He has that demeanor that puts people at ease, much like JFK and yes, even Ronald Reagan (even though those that know me know I hated his politics and still do).

Look at what Eugene Robinson wrote today.

Clinton turns her sights on Obama
Eugene Robinson, Washington Post Writers Group
Friday, December 7, 2007

One assumes that Hillary Clinton and her inner circle are rethinking their new strategy of singling out Barack Obama and attacking him on issues of experience, ambition and character. Of course, the first thing a rookie reporter learns is that one should never assume anything; if people were predictable, there would be no news. So maybe the self-inflicted bloodletting will continue.

Clinton was doing fine in the role of presumptive nominee – serene of mind, generous of spirit, miles above the fray. Her authoritative voice and presidential bearing telegraphed that Obama, John Edwards and the rest of the Democratic contenders were all, essentially, just members of her supporting cast. It was only natural that they would attack her, because she was so far ahead in the polls. To respond in kind would have been beneath her.

But when those polls began to tighten – as was practically inevitable, given how big Clinton’s lead has been – the Clinton campaign made two decisions that I’m still trying to figure out. Both seem risky, if not rash, and so far neither is really working.

The first was to elevate Obama, and none of the others, to the role of co-star. Granted, this reflects the reality of the contest – Obama is the one who’s gaining on Clinton. The daily Rasmussen Reports tracking poll said Thursday that Clinton is supported by 33 percent of Democrats nationwide and Obama by 26 percent. For most of the campaign, Clinton has enjoyed double-digit leads.


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