Today’s Observations – December 2, 2007

The Swamp, a Chicago Tribune blog, reports:

One month from the premier Iowa party caucuses and New Hampshire primary elections, the chairmen of the Democratic Parties in both states say the contest for their party’s presidential nomination is wide open.

“I think it’s in flux,’’ Scott Brennan, chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party said today during the taping of CSPAN’s Newsmakers, a program which will air Sunday morning and evening.

“We really mirror each other,’’ Ray Buckley, chairman of New Hampshire’s Democratic Party, said in the same interview. With polls in his state showing that 60 percent of the voters still are open, Buckley said: “I don’t think we’ve ever seen an election where both parties are so fluid.’’

“There’s the old adage of getting hot at the end,’’ Brennan said. “They’re all trying to get hot at the end.’’

These observations by these party chairs, help our friend, Senator Barack Obama in his quest for the White House. John Presta.


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