Today’s Observations – November 29, 2007

The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday, November 29th that former Congressman Henry Hyde died, after a long illness. It was Congressman Hyde, chairman at the time of the House Judiciary Committee, who initiated the impeachment of then President Bill Clinton.

“During the impeachment of Clinton, Hyde pushed the charges against Clinton through his panel in a bitterly partisan fight. Even though the House approved the impeachment charges, the Senate later refused to remove Clinton from office. Hyde defended his role in the impeachment effort – which centered on Clinton’s affair with an intern — though it was discovered during the time that he also had had an affair. Chicago Tribune.”

While I was certainly not a fan of Congressman Hyde, entirely related to his futile efforts to unjustly remove a sitting President, he was clearly a “customer service” oriented Congressman, which is why representatives that get elected year after year (in Hyde’s case, decade after decade, serving thirty plus years). Longevity is all about serving constituents. John Presta.


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