I read "Profiles in Courage," and Senator Craig you are no "Profile in Courage"

The book written by John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Profiles in Courage, was a profile of selected United States Senators who placed their career and political life on the line for an issue or a series of issues. Some lost their seats for standing up for their beliefs. The Senators cited in Profiles in Courage were John Quincy Adams from Massachusetts, Daniel Webster from Massachusetts, Thomas Hart Benton from Missouri, Sam Houston from Texas, Edmund Ross from Kansas, Lucius Lamar from Mississippi, George Norris from Nebraska and Robert A Taft from Ohio.

Unfortunately, Senator Larry Craig from Idaho is not cut from the same cloth as these other distinguished gentleman. Senator Larry Craig, you are not a “Profile in Courage.” Then Senator John F. Kennedy could not have included you in his book.

It is not the alleged act that occurred in the Minneapolis Airport bathroom stall. What he did or didn’t do there is not relevant any longer. Senator Craig needs to come clean with his constituents, his family, but most of all, himself. The Senators that I listed that Kennedy wrote about had courage: both political and personal courage. The dictionary defines courage as “the ability to do something that frightens one.”

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do something everyday that frightens you.”

It is not too late, Senator. It matters little to me if Senator Craig resigns or retains his seat in the United States Senate. Don’t do it for me. Do something special for yourself. It is scary, I know. John Presta.


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