Obama Making His Move and None Too Soon

As I have been predicting, the Hillary Clinton campaign will self-destruct. The cream always rises to the top. Barack Obama, the cream of the Presidential field, will start to make its move soon.

It is time for volunteers to start flocking to Iowa and help our native son get to Pennsylvania Avenue in January of 2009 to become “44:” the 44th President of the United States. ABC News reported (see article below), that Obama will raise more money than Clinton: “Big Time.”

Across The Universe – Trailer

If you love the Beatles and their music and what they stood for, then this movie is for you. Michelle and I loved it. It’s the best film I’ve seen this year and I plan on seeing it again. It’s the kind of movie where you will learn something more each time you view it. And check out Roger Ebert’s 4 Star Review.

By Roger Ebert

Here is a bold, beautiful, visually enchanting musical where we walk into the theater humming the songs. Julie Taymor’s “Across the Universe” is an audacious marriage of cutting-edge visual techniques, heart-warming performances, 1960s history and the Beatles songbook. Sounds like a concept that might be behind its time, but I believe in yesterday.

This isn’t one of those druggy 1960s movies, although it has what the MPAA shyly calls “some” drug content. It’s not grungy, although it has Joe Cocker in it. It’s not political, which means it’s political to its core. Most miraculous of all, it’s not dated; the stories could be happening now, and in fact, they are.

I’d love to hear your comments about this movie after you view it. It a “must see” movie. And check out this short clip too. John Presta.

And check out clip with Bono. John Presta.

I read "Profiles in Courage," and Senator Craig you are no "Profile in Courage"

The book written by John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Profiles in Courage, was a profile of selected United States Senators who placed their career and political life on the line for an issue or a series of issues. Some lost their seats for standing up for their beliefs. The Senators cited in Profiles in Courage were John Quincy Adams from Massachusetts, Daniel Webster from Massachusetts, Thomas Hart Benton from Missouri, Sam Houston from Texas, Edmund Ross from Kansas, Lucius Lamar from Mississippi, George Norris from Nebraska and Robert A Taft from Ohio.

Unfortunately, Senator Larry Craig from Idaho is not cut from the same cloth as these other distinguished gentleman. Senator Larry Craig, you are not a “Profile in Courage.” Then Senator John F. Kennedy could not have included you in his book.

It is not the alleged act that occurred in the Minneapolis Airport bathroom stall. What he did or didn’t do there is not relevant any longer. Senator Craig needs to come clean with his constituents, his family, but most of all, himself. The Senators that I listed that Kennedy wrote about had courage: both political and personal courage. The dictionary defines courage as “the ability to do something that frightens one.”

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do something everyday that frightens you.”

It is not too late, Senator. It matters little to me if Senator Craig resigns or retains his seat in the United States Senate. Don’t do it for me. Do something special for yourself. It is scary, I know. John Presta.

Reading on Walden Political Discussion Group Endorses Matthew Podgorski for Commissioner of the Water Reclamation Board of Cook County

Center seated, Matthew Podgorski, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Commissioner of the Water Reclamation Commission of Cook County for the 2008 primary. From left to right are, Larry Unruh, Eileen Fay, Garnet Fay, Neil Pomerenke, Michelle Presta, Betsy Perrine and Tom Barber. The Reading on Walden Political Discussion Group voted to endorse and fully support Matthew Podgorski in his bid to win a seat on the Water Reclamation Commission. For more information about Podgorski, visit his web site at http://www.ourpurewater.com . Podgorski is running on an environmental platform. The Group had previously endorsed and supported Debra Shore, a sitting Commissioner of the Water Reclamation Commission, for the 2006 primary and general election in which Shore received the most votes in both elections. The Group meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at Cafe Luna, located at 1742 W. 99th Street.

See Matthew Podgorski thank you letter below and be sure to visit his web site.

A Big Thank You from Matthew Podgorski

Dear Reading on Walden Political Discussion Group,

I just wanted to say thank you for letting me speak to your group last week, and an even bigger thanks for endorsing me in my bid for MWRD Commissioner! It really is an honor. I hope to work with you on the campaign over the coming months.

Please keep an eye open for my posting next month regarding tertiary treatment of the effluent. Thanks!


– Matthew Podgorski

Is Your Dog Missing?

My friend at ridge99, ask me to post the following message:

This morning I was walking to the Metra station and was asked by a police officer if the wandering dog she’d picked up was mine. She found the dog roaming in the area of 99th & Damen, crossing back and forth at 99th. In the morning rush hour traffic, I’m amazed she wasn’t hit.

I didn’t recognize the dog or know its owner. The dog is an older female, medium-sized, somewhat overweight, possibly a collie mix. If this is your dog, or you know the owner, the officer was planning to transport the dog to the no-kill shelter at 103rd and Southwest Hwy., rather than city animal control.

Obama has three great qualities I admire: Judgment, Judgment, Judgment

Senator Barack Obama appeared on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and addressed the “experience issue.” For all of you spelling buffs, experience is spelled “J-U-D-G-M-E-N-T.”

“When people talk about experience, what they really want to know is, ‘Does he have good judgment?'” Obama said.

And remember in 2002 what he said.

This interview in November of 2002, is just another example of the “good judgment” Senator Barack Obama has shown and will show as President of the United States. The interview is indeed prophetic.

Please list other great reasons he should be President of the United States. For example, Michelle Obama will make a great first lady.

John Presta.

Stardust trailer – An entertaining Film

The new film “Stardust” is worth seeing. I give it four stars. I liked it. I really liked it. So did Michelle. John Presta.