Cheers for Dean and Boos for Hillary as YearlyKos Begins in Chicago

The sold-out Yearly Kos Convention opened in Chicago on Thursday with standing ovations for Howard Dean and boos for an announcement about Hillary Clinton. Senator Dick Durbin was originally scheduled to appear on stage to welcome attendees to Illinois, but he sent a video greeting instead, due to a previously unannounced trip to Iraq and Afghanistan. Howard Dean received a rousing welcome, with numerous standing ovations.

In his remarks, Dean spoke of a plan for learning about potential election procedure pitfalls all across the country in advance, so problem locations can be addressed and hopefully remedied prior to election day. He promised that the Democrats in Congress would call for numerous votes on Iraq, hoping to gain more vote each time, and noted that every Democrat running for President has promised to bring the war to an end.

On Saturday, all of the Democratic candidates seeking the Presidency will appear at a forum. But it was announced Thursday night that only Hillary Clinton would NOT appear at a follow-up meeting with attendees. The announcement that her assistant would appear for her prompted loud boos from the audience–and in the hallway were heard murmurs of displeasure about her decision and a sense of being snubbed that could grow louder as the conference continues.

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