HB 750 Now – Is there a better time?

Tell your state representatives to stop this insanity. Stop proposing bills to dictate to the Governor where he should sleep. The people of Illinois want education reform and property tax reform and this bill addresses both issues. So please, visit the A+ Illinois web site and write to your state representative. John Presta.

About the A+ Illinois Campaign to Reform Education

A+ Illinois is a statewide campaign led by groups and individuals committed to real reform in the quality and funding of public education for all Illinois children. A+ Illinois seeks to improve the quality of life of children and their families through a comprehensive restructuring of state finances that balances property tax reform with new state revenues that fairly and adequately respond to community needs.

Illinois schools are in a financial quagmire: They do not have enough money to provide the quality education our children deserve and laws require. To fill resource gaps, local property taxes—currently the principal funding stream for schools—have escalated. Such action has driven businesses out of the state and increased housing costs. The current system does not generate enough revenue for Illinois to pay its bills, leaving many families and communities in jeopardy. Whether measured in human or economic terms, not solving these problems now means we will pay even more later.

Fair and Adequate Funding: A+ Illinois demands changes to make school funding more adequate and fair for all children and communities. A+ Illinois will work to “bring the bottom up,” helping struggling students and schools to meet state learning standards, while preserving high-quality education where it already exists.

High-Quality, Accountable Schools: A+ Illinois supports proven strategies that build capacity to improve student learning and close the student achievement gap. Quality reforms in education are an intrinsic piece of the overall school funding and tax reform discussion, helping to guide the effective use of public dollars efficiently and responsibly.

A+ Illinois will help develop and support comprehensive reforms that tackle the state’s broken school funding and tax system, and put Illinois on better footing to protect the education, human services and community programs that are vital to the well-being of children and families.

A+ Illinois | www.aplusillinois.org | info@aplusillinois.org | 312-863-6014


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