Ted Sorensen on Barack Obama

Friends, this really is big. Ted Sorensen endorses Senator Barack Obama. The same man that coined the phrase “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” What he cites most of all is Obama’s “judgment,” the same reason I admire Obama for President. The same quality I noticed on that cold day in March of 2000 when I first met this great man.


He has it. And I assure you the minute he gets elected, the world will not only get excited, the world will once again regain respect for America. All our lost friends will come back in droves. JFK. Obama. JFK. Obama. Can you hear the chants again in the streets of Europe.

The prospect of Ted Sorensen being in the White House again advising a young, charismatic, President again (whether his role is formal or informal) is truly exciting. Hey, maybe Mr. Sorensen will help Senator Obama craft another great speech. John Presta.


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