First Barack Obama For President 2008 TV Ads – Obama ’08

This video was not approved by the Obama for President 2008 campaign, but I believe it does capture the feelings many of us have. Kennedy had little experience, but great judgement. I believe Senator Barack Obama also has great judgement. I also believe Michelle Obama will make a great first lady too.

The similarities with the first Kennedy campaign (at to some extent the Bobby Kennedy campaign) are indeed striking. Thousands of volunteers are lining up to help Obama, as was the case with both Kennedys.

Also, would you like to be a guest blogger on this fast-growing blog. Looking for authors, book reviewers, movie reviewers, knowledgeable people of the Beverly Hills/Morgan Park community specifically, the Chicago area generally, left-leaning political folks (well-formed ideas also considered).

Interested. Send me an email at just by clicking send me an email. Looking forward to hearing from you. John Presta.


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