They are the Beverly All Stars, embedded every Wednesday at Cafe Luna

HI EVERYBODY – Please join us for our regular Wednesday evening session of classic jazz tomorrow, June 13, at CAFE LUNA, 1742 W. 99th St. in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood. We expect another evening of fine weather on the patio. Our thanks to EULALIA DADE for stopping by to sing with us last week, and to our regulars who attend faithfully each Wednesday evening. . . . Congrats to Bob Helme for weighing in effectively on last week’s quiz – white regulars in the Ellington band. Bob correctly named Louis Bellson, and also mentioned Forrest Buchtell, trumpet, which is probably also correct. The second player I had in mind, also on trumpet, was Bill Berry. . . This week’s quiz: name the two fine 20th century singers and songwriters who attended Chicago’s Hyde Park High School. . . . . . Please keep the BEVERLY ALL STARS in mind when planning your next party, anniversary, reception, fundraiser or concert. We are:

George White, Eric Williams, James Seaberry, Steve Thomas


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