We do need a change in the Illinois House and Illinois Senate leadership posts

The leaders of the Illinois House and the Illinois Senate have failed the people of the state of Illinois. It is time for a change. Call your state representative and your state senator and encourage them to initiate steps to effect this needed change. Unfortunately, we are stuck with this governor; however, we are not stuck with our current leadership downstate.

I encourage citizens to start thinking carefully about this and come up with steps where we can take actions as citizens. Blogging is a great start. Write your newspapers. talk to people. Form groups. They have failed rank-and-file Democrats, they have failed the school children, they have failed the senior citizens of this state, they have failed property taxpayers, they have failed users of public transportation, they have failed state pensioners. The list of failures goes on and on and on.

We need leaders that will take this state to the next level. The current leadership is either unwilling or unable to accomplish this simple task.

The time for political action is now. Tell us what you think and what you are willing to do. We will be listing in this space who you can call or email. Change must come quickly.


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