As a lifelong resident of the Third Congressional District, I could not be more disgusted with Daniel Lipinski. I stand in utter awe at his complete betrayal of his constituents and his political party. He consistently votes with the House Republican leadership and most recently did so when
he egregiously voted against the Supplementary Funding bill for Iraq that had within it a deadline of 2008 for withdrawal of troops. What qualifies him as a “Democratic” Congressman?

It is no wonder that he has such a kinship with the President for they
have much in common. Both are sons of politicians whose characters left much to be desired, both attained their respective offices in ways that were highly questionable,and neither has seen the pain of battle.

So it only makes sense that Lipinski votes to support a man whose stupidity
is only outmatched by his lack of morality.



  1. Anonymous Says:

    Please forgive me for being presumptuous but I thought that once someone is elected by the people, he/she then represents the people – regardless of the party. Do you work in his office? Do you know how ALL of his constituents are thinking. He is the messenger. Shame on you for assuming that YOU are the only voter in his District. No, I don’t work for him.

  2. mohinoaklawnillinois Says:

    Great letter eddie j. I sometime wonder if the people of the 3rd CD remember how this bozo even got into office in the first place.

    Not to mention the fact that once John Sullivan decided to run against Danny Boy in November of 2005; who popped all of sudden and decided to run as well, John Kelly.

    Mr. Kelly had contemplated running against Bill Lipinski as a Republican in 2004, but suddenly changed his mind.

    Gee I wonder why, maybe it was the fact that someone with more brain power than Mr. Kelly finally made him realize how fruitless and stupid a move that would be.

    I’m hoping and praying that someone with some integrity will decide to run against DINO Dan in February, 2008, but knowing how politics works in Chicago and Cook County, if that were to happen, you can be sure the powers that be will find another sucker to be a sham candidate once again.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I also would love to see a serious opponent take on Lipinski in 2008.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Go get em eddie j.

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