Great Meeting

The Reading on Walden Political Discussion Group met this past Wednesday, April 4th at Cafe Luna. The group was addressed by State Representative Kevin Joyce (D-35th) who discussed House Bill 750 (educational funding reform – the so-called “property tax swap bill”) in great detail. It was obvious the Kevin is a student of this issue and explained the history of the bill and gave Dawn Clark Netsch high marks for advocating this bill back in 1994 during the governor’s race.

Kevin thought that House Bill 750 will easily pass in the state house (although not in its current form), but will have a rough ride in the Illinois Senate due to Senate President Emil Jones (D-14th) having said he would not call the bill. Senator Jones is supporting the governors “Gross Receipts Tax.” Kevin clearly opposes the “GRT” and thought there wasn’t more than 15 votes in the house for passage of the controversial tax. The Reading on Walden Political Discussion Group recently sent a letter to the Governor opposing the bill.

Kevin answered questions afterward. The Beverly Review sent a reporter to cover the talk (she was also covering our favorite jazz band, The Beverly All Stars), so we look forward to the next issue.

We urge everyone to write Senator Jones and urge him to not only call the bill, but to support its passage.

We circulated a letter to State Senator Edward Maloney (D-18th) urging him to ask Senator Jones to call the bill. We thank all those that signed the letter.

Join us for our next meeting at Cafe Luna on Wednesday, May 2nd at 7:00 pm when we will discuss more strategies to urge passage of the bill.

We believe the time is here for educational funding reform. Tell us what you think.

This is part of our regular series of political discussions (the first Wednesday of each and every month) sponsored by Reading on Walden Bookstore Political Discussion Group. Contact Michelle or John Presta for information at or 773-233-7633. Or visit our Web Site.


One Response to “Great Meeting”

  1. Ann Longhen Says:

    Sorry, I missed the Discussion. Do you guys have an event newsletter? I just checked your sign up and I didn’t see one.

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